Front and Rear turn signal

Select Toolbox
Click on the BCM Customization
Select Front turn signal or Rear turn signal

Click on the button Change value (blue arrow) for new value

Click on the Confirm button (green arrow)




When changing from incandescent to LED turn signals, the indicator light may flash fast.

Synchronization some Led turn lights, proceed as follows :


Pressing Hazard switch. The BCM ignores the first 8 hazard flashes and next 8 hazard flashes the BCM learns. After 16 hazard flashes are updated in the BCM.


If this process is not successful, try the following process:


Turn Ignition on, but do not start the bike.

Turn on 4 way hazards by pressing the hazard button on the controls.

Turn the Ignition off letting hazards run. If the bike has security they will flash 5 or 6 times and then pause. This is normal. They will go back to flashing normal hazard mode.

Let hazards run 1-2 minutes.

Turn Ignition back on.

Turn off hazards.

Turn Ignition off and then back on.

Check function of both turn signals.

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