Configuration Bluetooth


Notification: Prior to configuring the Bluetooth communication device, this must be connected with the vehicle.
For correct function of the application with communication interface using wireless Bluetooth technology, this connection must be configured correctly. For this, the required computer hardware support must be provided. With many portable computers, the hardware is installed internally, for others, an external device is necessary, usually in the form of a USB adapter.
It is necessary to choose such a device which supports the Serial Port Profile (SPP). The specific procedure will depend upon the operating system in the computer and the software supporting the Bluetooth device in the computer, the so called Bluetooth stack.
Generally, it is necessary to let the PC find the device, pair it correctly with the PC, assign the serial channel service to it, and identify the assigned communication port.
To carry out the pairing, a password is required that is given for each communication interface by its serial number, e.g. the password for serial number 0666-10 is 066610 (i.e. six numbers without hyphen). This general procedure is illustrated in the following based on several specific examples. In case of any troubles, proceed in line with the Operating Instructions for the device and the software in question.


Notification: Applies for displaying the Control Panel in the Main Control Panel mode.
Bluetooth devices can be added and configured through standard services of Windows 7 operating system by selecting the item: Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Devices and Printers/Add Bluetooth Device The next window displays the Bluetooth devices found, while the communication device is identified by an icon (see Fig. 25)


After selecting the figure (icon) of the communication device and clicking the Next button, the wizard proceeds to request selection of the pairing type. Select „Let me choose my own passkey“ to display a window requesting the input of the passkey to carry out the pairing to the device (see Fig. 26).

Fig. 26 – Pairing code request window


Fig. 27 – Assigned interface port window

A successful „pairing“ is identified by a notification on the screen.
The assigned communication port can be displayed by selecting: Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Devices and Printers then by pressing the right mouse button with mouse pointer over the corresponding device, and clicking the Properties command and then the tab Services (see Fig. 27)


Using the Bluetooth icon in the notification area (or through menu „Start“, „Programs“) open folder „My Bluetooth Places“ where we select the option „Find Bluetooth Devices“. Program Explorer opens a folder where among the devices found also the required communication interface should be displayed and identified by the name DIAG4 and the serial number. Display the local menu using the right mouse button and select „Pair Device“ to carry out the pairing (use the serial number as the passkey, in our case 066610).
Double-click the icon (see figure at right) to display the available services for this devices which is just the serial port profile.
Under „Properties“ in the local menu, the assigned serial port can be displayed; COM11 in the example shown. By double-clicking the icon, the link can be established, checked for functionality, display the signal strength, etc.



When the search for devices in vicinity is finished, the main application panel displays also the communication interface identified by name DIAG4 and its serial number (0666-10 in the attached figure). Open the local menu using the right mouse button, and select „Pair device“ to carry out the pairing. Input the passkey (066610) and a corresponding red mark is displayed next to the icon (see figure at right).4
Now, the device must be configured in such a way, that it always connects correctly as a serial port based on application needs.
This is done by selecting the „Tools“ option from the main menu, then „Configuration“ and „Quick connect …“. Using the „Assign“ button, the required device is then assigned to one of the serial ports with SPP service. The result is then a situation similar to the following figure (see figure at down).
The application shall use a virtual serial port COM8 for the communication. A check can be carried out by directly establishing the link to the communication interface.


New device

PIN for Diag4bike

Paired Diag4Bike

Settings Bluetooth

Select comport Bluetooth

Serial number Diag4bike

Upload Firmwaru

Diag4Bike is ready

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