1.3. Registration process of Diag4bike

1.3. Registration process

It is not a condition for the registration of DIAG4BIKE that the computer on which the DIAG4BIKE program itself is installed and to which the VCI communication interface is attached, is connected to the Internet. Registration can be carried out from any device with access to the Internet and to ane-mail account. The reason is that the „Permanent key“ will be sent to an e-mail address.
Upon entering the address: www.diag4bike.eu/register indicated after opening the program DIAG4BIKE when using the „Temporary key“ into the Internet browser, the registration form is shown. It is necessary to fill in all required data, and thereafter to send the form to company ATAL Tábor, Czech Republic.
Based on the completion and submission of this form, the sales department of company ACTIA CZ sends (on work days, 7 AM to 4 PM, CET) the „Permanent key“ to the e-mail address indicated.


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