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engine abs security-module toolbox


How can I set idle speed ?

Video Idle speed adjustment.

Can I program VIN ? 

This function is preparing.

VCI not connected to vehicle.

Check you are connected in the right diagnostic connector (Data link) ?

Diag4bike VCI not responding

Check connection between VCI and PC (USB cable or Bluetooth work properly).

I can´t get information from ECU Thundermax 6 pin.

ECU Thundermax does not support this function.

I set idle speed to 900 RPM but it runs higher.

Idle speed can be setted in the range 800-1250 RPM at engine operating temperature.

If engine runs at other than setted idle speed, it is done by fuel maps and it can be changed with Diag4Tune software.


I can´t perform ABS bleeding on FLHR 2005 .

For this motorcycle is not supported ABS bleeding . This motorcycle has for ABS special connector.

Can I turn off ABS telltale? 

ABS telltale can be turn off only on CAN (6 pin) motorcycles.

Funcion is in Toolbox.

How perform ABS bleeding ? 

Video manual.

ABS bleeding procedure was not successful

You must battery connect on the battery charger.

Security module

How can I disarm TSSM ? 

You can do it by PIN number or assigned Key FOB, link to manual .

How to customize TSSM ?

Link to  manual.

How to turn off autoarming ?

Video manual

How to assign a new Key FOB ?

Video manual

How to pair TSSM / HFSM / BCM ? 

Video manual

How to disarm HFSM/BCM ?

Video manual

Motorcycle is turn off after pairing

Control unit isn´t jointed with TSSM, HFSM, BCM.

Pairing not successful correctly.


Can I do Module replacement with blank ECU ?

ECU must be SW from Harley Davidson®. Use the Diag4Bike for function flash ECM. Manual ECM Flash.

How to configure lights ? 

Below functions are placed in the Toolbox BCM customization.

Turn Signal/Stop Lamp -> Dedicated brake lamp, Turn signal lamps, Run Lighting in Accessory ->ON, OFF, Headlamp -> Standard, Dual Halogen, Auxiliary/Fog Light Operation egacy, P and A, Touring

How to change Km to Mil.

This is in the Diagnostics (toolbox). Video manual

How to disable jiffy stand sensor ? 

This function is in the toolbox.

Turn lights setting from American to European.

This is supported only for CAN models.

I can´t perform disarming.

Check all conditions in the manual.

How to disable exhaust flap ? 

Video manual

How to do Speedometer pairing ? 

This function is in the Diagnostics -> Toolbox

Speedometer calibration after change the front wheel ? 

This function is preparing.

How to change odometer value Km (Mil) ? 

This function isn´t supported and will not be.

Installation lambda kit.

Installation manual.

J&M Audio Custom

 Video manual 


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