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Easy tuning

How can I do Easy tuning ? 

Easy tuning.

Advanced tuning

What motorcycles can be tuned ? 

You can tune motorcycles model year 2006 and later, Models for tuning .

Can I change Pre-installed maps?

Every maps can be changed as you need.

How can I do Advanced tuning ? 

Advanced Tuning

Can I use dongle on more motorcycles ? 

One dongle can use on one motorcycle.

I can´t perform Pairing & Backup process.

Sent log files on help@diag4bike.eu, video manual 

How to stop poppings during deceleration?

You need to add more fuel in deceleration area, it means in first column of the map. You can do it in 2 ways: (picture)

1) Increase AFR = Normally is there AFR 14,7. Try to adjust 13,5 in range from 750 till 4000 RPM.
2) Increase VE maps (front and rear). In the same area as described in point one, try to add 5%. If the popping persist then, try to add next 5%. You must do this change in VE map for front and rear cylinder too.


Can I tune motorcycle with carburetor ?

This function is preparing.

Can I use calibration which is designed for other model than I want to tune? 

No, the calibration is for model for which was designed. Otherwise you can damage permanently Engine Control Module.

What is the solution for losing a dongle ? 

You have to buy new dongle.

Can I use dongle for Buell ? 

NO. Buell is not supported.

What is oxygen sensor ( lambda sensor ) ?

It is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen in the gas being analysed for check AFR ( Air fuel ratio ).

What is AFR ?

It is the mass ratio of air to fuel present in a combustion process.





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