1.1. Preparation

1.Easy tuning

Easy Mode is a tool for easy modification of the mixing ratio (AFR). As the current VE maps are not correctly set it is also not possible to set the absolute values of the mixing ratio – AFR. Therefore, the Easy Mode allows you to change (in %) the current mixing ratio in all operating modes of the engine.
This is actually a direct replacement for electronic modules from different manufacturers which for the same purpose must be laboriously mounted on the motorcycle while having to rely on the weather and mechanical resistance of the piggyback is corresponding to the use on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. In addition, this piggyback is a clear sign of any engine modification for any MOT test.


Icon for easy modification of the mixing ratio


1.1.  Preparation of the motorcycle

Before starting any tuning, in which you are going to modify the engine control system, you need to:
Check the functions of the motorcycle systems using the Motorcycle report diagnostic function of theDiag4Bike™  and perform a detailed check of the EFI system through measured parameters. A fault in any motorcycle control module may compromise communication via the diagnostic line used for the tuning operations.
Check for proper function of spark plugs by checking flash-over voltage, which must be below 10 kV at idle RPM. If you don’t have ability to measure this and the mileage of plugs is over 5,000 kilometres (3,000 miles), carry out preventive replacement. While checking the plugs, check also the ignition cables and ignition module.
Replace or wash the air filter.
Ensure reliable power supply to the dash board network by checking the battery of the motorcycle. If low battery capacity is identified, replace the battery or provide continuous external charging.
Check whether any tuning device has been mounted and if so, it must be disconnected from the EFI control module, especially from the diagnostic line.
Check whether tuning of the model and year of manufacture is supported by the Diag4Tune™ tool. Insert the tuning dongle to the USB connector (Tuning Dongle).



Connect Diag4Bike to motorcycle and make sure, that the battery is well charged. For sure you can connect battery charget.

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