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Can I install Diag4Bike on new PC ?motorcycles faq

Yes, but you must copy your activation key to the new PC and install it. (Video manual)

Download link has expired.

Go back to SOFTWARE-DOWNLOAD and request for new link.

Unable to complete VCI configuration.

Try other USB connector and do all steps from manual.

I can´t start update pack. 

Make sure you’ve downloaded the entire file ? You can find file size in the email with the link.

What is the password for pairing bluetooth.

Password is the serial number of your communication interface. (six numbers)

How I make it work Bluetooth ? 


Error message > VCI validity expired

You must register ( and install the activation key (Video manual).

Can I use Diag4Bike on more PC ? 

Yes, PC quantity is not limited.

I bought Diag4Bike with older version.

After your registration you will be authorized for current version Diag4Bike.

PC does not recognize the connection VCI

You have to reinstall program. Connection VCI ( Video)

The activation key can not be opened.

First time install Diag4Bike. The activation key works only on PC where is Diag4Bike.

Can I install Diag4Bike on the Windows 10 ? 

Yes, Windows 10 is supported in the latest version.

Installation Diag4Bike on a new PC. 

Download the version which corespond with your licence and install it. The latest version includes all previous.

Can I install Diag4Bike on the MAC (PC) ? 

OS MAC is not currently supported.

I did not receive the activation key after registration / request for disarming.

Activation key is generated manually. You will receive it as soon as possible.

How to run the Teamviewer ? 


Where to download Diag4Bike software ? 

Software is on the SOFTWARE-DOWNLOAD

I lost my activation key.

Write the request for the new one on and assign the serial number of your communication interface.

How to find which update can I install ? 

In the main menu Diag4Bike click on the icon i (information) and see Vehicle model year in your licence.

e.g. ->2016 (H-D), ->2015 (INDIAN,VICTORY) you can install all 16.x updates

e.g. ->2015 (H-D), ->2015 (INDIAN,VICTORY) you can install all 15.x updates

I have installed an update but I do not have the licence for it.

You can buy the licence on E-SHOP

or you can uninstall the update and install your older version (SOFTWARE-DOWNLOAD)

I don´t have the activation key in the e-mail.

Check antivirus safe or ask for it again by writing an email to

How to register Diag4Bike?

You must fill registration form at


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