Licence Transfer

Licence Transfer

Connect Multi-dongleButton video

Click on the Mutli-dongle Management icon

Select Licence for transfer and click on the Licence transfer icon

Licence for transfer selected, click on the icon (Transfer Licence)

Transfer Licence successful

Licence Transfer code for recieve licence

Click on the printer icon

This is file with motorcycle and transfer licence information

Open file

Code for receive licence

Waiting for receive Licence

New / different motorcycle service / acceptance of the licence

Click on the Multi-Dongle Management -> Licence transfer icon

Insert code and click on the Receive Licence icon

Successfully Received licence

Licence received

Fault message

Error (X) Icon, wrong code

No Licence selected

Cancel Licence Transfer

Select licence with «waiting for receive» status

Click on the Licence Transfer icon

Cancel Licence Transfer

For cancellation Transfer licence click on the Cancel transfer

Successfully Cancelled

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